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Generating new revenue streams from integrated data flows

Chills™ enables a rapid and reliable transfer of important data between the applications in use.  Simplified application integration delivering a reliable data flow as your first concrete step towards digitalisation.

Competing through organisation transformation

This data flow represents your revenue stream and is of vital importance for your organisation. Data is the basis for reliable information to make decisions when and how to transform your organisation

Value creation

These decisions lead to new or adjusted products and services to markets generating new revenue streams strengthening your organisations future. Reliable information is the key to new insights how trends create new customer segments and markets.

Cost reduction

This backend is built on new low code technology simplifying the integration work. Due to this new technology integration building is much faster and therefore done at a substantially lower cost.

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Your innovation road map enabled by Chills

Innovations beneficial for your organisation emerge in different ways. New or adjusted products and services is one, while new channels or channel partners delivering your products and services is another.

Every innovation has nowadays a digital component meaning a relation with a database, another digital service or a device. Crucial for your success is the reliable and easy data transfer.

Your product and service value are represented by the data flow within your organisation, and the collaboration with external partners delivering part of the final product or service.

Supply chain transformation and back office digitalisation is enabled by the Chills platform.

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Enterprise data strategy

Acknowledge the data and information difference as the first step to an enterprise data strategy. Data is generated directly from a process or measuring device. This clean data, meaning not being processed, is re-used in further in the supply chain.


Explore our digital tools to discover more details about data and information, guiding your internal discussions. 

Dynamic Integrations collaborates with experts writing articles on various topics. Enterprise data strategy will be clarified in a future article.

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Business - IT collaboration

An organisation transforming itself requires close employee collaboration.  Trust is of vital importance for collaboration and fast implementation of new business requirements.

Chills delivers trust being the single backend where business and IT work together, designing and implementing organisation data flow.


Chills visualises every application integration and the coherence between them. A live integration (being released) effects the data flow immediately visible for both business and IT. Integration adjustments changing this data flow is a joint effort and executed on the backend.

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Join the ecosystem

Chills builds a global ecosystem, putting put together local consultants with local businesses, delivering services customers need to maximise the backend benefits.


Vi envision software being an invitation to digital transformation, not a threshold. For this vision low code technology was developed, the Chills backend being its first service. Experience and learn backend functionality to develop your organisation gradually in line with your strategy.


Ecosystems become increasingly important, according to Accenture, for our day to day life where we collaborate, learn and share, creating a future including everyone.

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Sharing of knowledge and insights

To support your digitalisation journey, we deliver the latest insights and practical advice from the network in articles. Extensive internet research, discussions with guest writers and other experts describe how to approach digitalisation challenges.


Practical tips, framework and templates are available for ecosystem customers and partner.

Browse through our articles describing the insights since 2016 and discover the value for your organisation development.  Insight in the future is one click away!