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Small & Medium Enterprises

Chills is the data management tool for small and medium size enterprises. They also reap the benefits from new low code technology and business processes automation enabling competition with larger enterprises. Chills is delivered from the cloud with an easy-to-understand graphical interface and access to on-line documentation.


SME’s have the choice to manage data themselves or use a Chills partner. Chills provides insight in exactly which data management tasks a partner performs for a customer. When data becomes vital for your organisation or exponential growth occurs, your low code integration and automation is migrated to a Backend dedicated to your enterprise.


Chills is part of an ecosystem enabling the collaboration between partners and customers with Dynamic Integrations as orchestrator. An ecosystem brings different interests and expertise together so everyone benefits. Sharing insights and ideas how to use the Backend delivers value for all members. Every Chills user has access to this ecosystem which is under continuous development.

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License model

The price model fits every customer due to its price range starting at € 50, - a month and even € 20, - for Start-ups. All licenses have access to all low code functionality available on the Backend. Each customer irrespective of its size, chooses the license type fit for their organisation. When data becomes more critical, your Chills license is upgraded at any time. Chills is the first Backend available for Small & Medium size enterprises and Start-ups.


Organisations operate the Backend themselves or they choose a partner with low code expertise, managing & monitoring their Backend. The Backend reduces your integration budget immediately. Execute a gradual switch from your hard-coded backend to the Chills low-coded Backend. No upfront investment is necessary to use this data management tool, build on new low code technology.

Chills low code backend price model
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Get started

Proof of Concept (PoC) Phase

Two weeks free Chills Backend testing enabling the customer to verify the low code functionality and education material quality.

Customers reassure that service, simplicity and functionality are as promised. Foundation course material is available on the Chills Portal enabling the customer to build Adapters and create data flows independent from Dynamic Integrations.

The customer proceeds to the collaboration phase by signing the Backend as a Service (BaaS) Agreement.

Foundation course documents

Chills low code backend foundation course

Collaboration phase

The Backend as a Service (BaaS) agreement is signed between the customer, an optional partner and Dynamic Integrations. The agreement has a three-month notice period for termination.


By signing this agreement, at any time during the PoC phase, the customer obtains access to the Practitioner material explaining the full Backend potential. Exclusive access to seminars and webinars sharing the latest Backend developments will be part of this collaboration. 

  • BA   = Backend Access

  • Mgt = Adapter Management

  • DF   = Data Flow creation

Practitioner course documents

Chills low code backend practitioner course
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Sharing of Knowledge & Insights

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Browse through our articles describing the insights since 2016 and discover the value for your organisational development. Insight in the future is one click away!


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