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Value creation

Chills enables a swift and reliable data transfer between databases without additional storage. These data flows represent your digital business processes.

A joint effort of business and IT design, create and maintain data flows leading to trustworthy data.


Reliable data sets are the basis for any kind of analytics, reporting or dashboards. This data sets are stored and continuously updated with data from applications and sensors. Analytics tool connected to these data sets showing life KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and are the basis for decision making.


Reliable information is the key to new insights how trends create new customer segments and markets. Decisions lead to new or adjusted products and services to markets generating new revenue streams strengthening your organisations future.


These decisions are equally quickly implemented. The flexibility of Chills allows immediate changes in process automation and new or adjusted data sets to be used for analytics.


Data is the input value for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Your ability to manage Artificial Intelligence adding value for your organisation is achieved by improving algorithms and adjusting data sets reflecting the latest managerial (human) insights.


Use the Dynamic Business Model to enable a gradual and controlled transformation of your organisation.

Manage Data Flow creation

The left menu shows Actions, Adapters and Datasources. These are the three basic elements to make any data flow in Chills. The graphical interface shows the menu categories with all steps available. Each square box represents a step and connecting them with lines, creates the data flow. When completed the data flow processes data real time.

Chills low code interface
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Enterprise data strategy

Acknowledge the data and information difference as the first step to an enterprise data strategy. Data is generated directly from a process or measuring device. This clean data, meaning not being processed, is re-used in further in the supply chain.


Explore our digital tools to discover more details about data and information, guiding your internal discussions. 

Dynamic Integrations collaborates with experts writing articles on various topics. Enterprise data strategy will be clarified in a future article.

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Monitoring data flows & automation

The Chills dashboard shows all Events on the low code Backend. All Events are logged and directly accessible by clicking the Open button. This Event dashboard shows changes and errors and assures the rapid restoring of interrupted data flows. Data is the fuel for you business processes. i.e. the engine of your organisation, and Chills provides the control room.

Chills low code Backend Event Monitoring

External API changes connected to Chills Datasources disturbing dataflows become also visible in this dashboard. By deploying Chills you receive dashboard notifications when external API’s changes disrupt your Backend data flow. This causes an error in a Datasource or Adapter which appears on the Dashboard.

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Reuse of low code functionality

New Actions created are stored in your Personal actions and reused in other data flows. A new data flow can download an Action from Personal actions. Every downloaded Action can be tailor-made using the access to hard coding.

Chills low code marketplace
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Business - IT collaboration

Business and IT learn how to configure, test and deliver the required data flows. Business & IT collaboration is key to come from insight to implemented change with increased revenue streams as the result. Creating data flows on the Backend is explained on the Start-ups & Community page.


Video education

Business understanding IT and vice versa is important to maximise the Chills Backend potential. Daniel Soper, professor of Information Systems & Decisions Sciences California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), explains the database foundation in a series of videos. This content makes Business representatives to understand the complexity of database management & IT terminology used, bringing Business and IT closer together.

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Cost reduction

Integrations budgets are huge due to a lack of resources with sufficient hard code programming skills. Also the complexity of the hard code change & release process, often involving several internal department and external companies is a significant cost driver.

The Chills low code solution addresses both problems. Due its simplicity the pool of resources becomes significantly larger. Also junior, or citizen developers can execute a large portion of integrations and dataflow creation. Experts focus on complex hard code programming issues where their skills and expertise are utilised best.


Chills simplifies and speeds up the change and release management of integration, automation and data processing. All data flows are permanent running and available for changes in the Chills Backend. Every data flow can be placed in test modus using life data. The original version continues to process data while a test version runs parallel. When the test version is approved, it is released with one click, replacing the previous version. No additional costs involved, and communication lines become very short.

The Chills Backend license price

Chills low code backend cost reduction

Data management costs will be reduced with 30% to 60% when using Chills, based on our experience. This is however depending on many factors; your previous hard coding contracts, the complexity of the hard coding process, skilled employee’s etc.

Integration budget reduction using low code” blog for more details.

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Chills as innovation partner

Every innovation has nowadays a digital component meaning a relation with a database, another digital service or a device. Crucial for your success is reliable data transfer and management.

Your product and service value is represented by the data flows within your organisation and collaboration with external partners. All delivering their part of the final product or service. Supply chain integration is therefore vital to exchange data between all partners enabled by the Chills Backend.

As your partner we integrate the latest technological break-throughs in our Backend. Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are on our roadmap. We collaborate with expert companies to integrate their solutions in the Chills Backend.

Chills ahead of the competition
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