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Chills is owned and developed by its members; Start-ups, customers, representatives & partners from all over the globe.

Together we create a global ecosystem of local companies who can work, share knowledge & deliver services maximizing the ecosystem value for its members.

Dynamic Integrations is responsible for deployment, development, and maintenance of the Chills backend.

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Ecosystem member types


Start-ups use Chills in two different ways.

- As a technology to manage internal data flows selling an innovative or even disruptive service.

- Selling Chills directly to their customers and delivering additional hard & low code programming services. Sale of services like data management and organisational change in addition is also an option.


Customers obtain access to their Chills backend directly from Dynamic Integrations. Customers select the partners they collaborate with to create low-coded integrations and automation, educate staff, or other services like change management.


Partners are contacted by customers, receive leads assigned from representatives, generate customer leads on their own and receive leads from the ecosystem orchestrator. They are registered as customers’ main partner. Additional services delivered to other ecosystem members are handled directly between the partner and the other member without the orchestrator interfering.


Representatives generate customer and partner leads. They build their network by inviting customers and partners to the Chills ecosystem. Representatives are provided with tools, sales and marketing material and lead registration. They assign a customer lead to the partner of their choice. 

Member Development

New types of participants will be added, depending on emerging needs and possibilities from existing ecosystem participants.

Ecosystem members

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Smart cost control. Very simple!

Drøbak - Norway

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The Chills ecosystem has three principles


Courage is required to join this new organisation form. Nearly all companies and people worked their entire lives focusing on financial results as the end goal, using all means to achieve this. This ecosystem is a step out of that comfort zone where work, as a joyful experience, is the end achieved by trust and collaboration.


Once in the ecosystem, the benefits will emerge opening communication with other members. Entering a dialogue with an open mind can result in unexpected opportunities creating value for fellow ecosystem members.


By communication, trust is built between members enabling the step towards collaboration. This collaboration can be long lasting or short, delivering various financial gains, new opportunities might emerge, one guarantee you learn a lot.

The Oslo Innovation Week - Ecosystem Webinar. 

Learn about the ecosystem types and required skills to participate successfully.

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Ecosystem orchestrator

Dynamic Integrations currently takes the role as orchestrator. An orchestrator has the responsibility to balance the needs of all participants and grow the ecosystem as explained in the

Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) article in Step 2.

Since we explore this new organisation/collaboration form input from the participants is appreciated. If you want to learn more, read step 3 in this Boston Consulting Group (BCG) article.

Chills ecosystem collaboration
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Start your own company - Book your demo

These forms require more information from you, applying as potential ecosystem member. This is necessary to match supply and demand at a regional level. Creating a successful Chills ecosystem requires time, attention and contributions from all members. The more you contribute, the more you will discover value and opportunities within the ecosystem.


Select the ecosystem role of your choice and complete the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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