Graphically Managed Backend

  • Reliable data flow made easy

  • Automatic GDPR management

  • Integrations made simpler

  • Business IT collaboration enabled

Graphically Managed Backend explained

Integrations to create data flow are expensive and time consuming for any organisation. Using only hard coding is the main reason for this complicated and frustrating job.


Chills™ solves this problem by adding a low code layer on top of the hard coding. Thie new low code technology simplifies the data flow creation in your backend. Cost reduction, a much faster release of integrations and the immediate creation of business value are the results.


This backend enables the extraction of business value from data in a simple and cost-efficient way. Business and IT collaborate in a constructive way by visualising the data flows.


Customers own their backend, creating tailor-made data flows resulting higher quality goods & services delivered to customers.



 A Chinese proverb says "If you want to make money, you first have to build a road"

We call an application integration a VIA™. VIA stands for Versatile Integration Application. Versatile (having or capable of many uses) describing exactly the flexibility and dynamics of integrations build on low code technology.

VIA in Latin meaning: a main road or highway. The words VIA™ and Adapter, are interchangeable.


Chills - Your digital highway

Building digital roads enabling data flows resulting in an information highway, making money for your business.


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