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Backend as a Service

"Easy and secure management
of integrations & automations"

Value proposition

Chills enables data management & monitoring, understandable for both business and IT. Chills shows all data flows graphically and in a structured manner, without additional data storage. Its simplicity allows less skilled programmers to make integrations, automation and data processing flows. Documentation is provided with one click, clarifying the work done for other developers, auditors and GDPR authorities. Revised data flows run in a test environment parallel to the operation using the same data. Chills is delivered from a secure cloud of your choice.

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Chills Backend

This backend works on top of hard coding, bridging the gap between application environment and hard coded integrations and automation. The Backend is like an application and has focus on graphical design and user friendliness. This visual representation of data management enables the much needed collaboration between business and IT. Visualisation of data flows, databases and automation provides the necessary trust for business and IT to collaborate.


The Backend simplicity, due to its low code technology, allows less skilled “citizen” developers to build integrations and automations. Expert developers work with tasks matching their expertise. They collaborate with both business representatives and citizen developers.

What is a low code Backend” blog for more details.

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The Backend in practise

The Chills Backend is like an application. It is very visual and uses menu’s and categories to structure all low code functionality. Data flow creation is done by connecting pre-made functionality, so-called steps. Steps are events, actions or tools.


In the Backend, citizen developers create data flows by dragging and dropping steps. The complex hard coding is done by experts on the same Backend. They access the hard coding in a step creating tailor-made data processing for your organisation.

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Low code technology behind Chills Backend

Chills uses a new low code technology which automates hard coding. This technology democratises hard code programming, making it available for the general public. Low code uses graphical steps containing a hard-coded command always executing the same command in a data flow. Connecting these steps create series of commands automating a unique business process or a data flow. To guarantee the steps' functioning when connected, access to the steps' hard-coding is often denied. Chills gives experts selective access to hard code configuration within the low code steps to create unique low code Intellectual Property for your organisation.

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Chills benefits for your organisation

- Simplified integrations and automations free up management time

- Sound data management results in an information driven organisation

- Reduced “Time to insight” enable faster decision decision making

- Fast implementation of decisions creating the agile organisation

​​- The integration budget delivering business value

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"Global Thought Leader documentary"

Dynamic Integrations and partners explaining the rethinking of integrations in this CBS news Global Thought Leader documentary.

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