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Manage your low code Intellectual Property & enable collaboration

Hard code programming has created applications and database integrations for the last decades and developed into a global trillion-dollar market. This includes all indirect costs managing the business side of these hard code developments. Hard code programming budgets and associated management time have become a major burden for most organisations.

Reduction of these budgets and removing management frustration is within reach by adopting new low code technologies. Low code technology partly or completely reduces the use of hard coding, having an immediate impact on your organisations bottom line.

Our solution, the Chills backend built on low code technology, simplifies data flow creation and business process automation. The Chills low code backend results in higher development speed at significant lower costs, creating the agile organisation.

Intelligent use of low code technology

Low code as collaboration enabler

Replacing hard code with low code reduces the costs and increase the speed of developments. To maximise the potential of low code technology, we developed Chills in close dialogue with our customers. Many customers experienced the lack of communication between business and IT as a showstopper for their digitalisation. Chills enables a constructive dialogue between business and IT working on the backend.

Chills tenant

A single unique Chills backend is defined as a tenant. Customers decide if their organisational size and complexity requires one, or more Chills tenants. The customer approves and withdraws tenant access for external partners and developers.

Business IT collaboration enabled by low code technology

Multi-tenant collaboration

Chills offers the option to manage several tenants from one master tenant. This master tenant is administrating the access to the other tenants. To approve or withdraw access is always decision made by the master tenant owner.

This multi-tenant access enables developers to switch easily between tenants. Education and onboarding of new developers is simplified by creating test environments on a tenant.

Business & IT working on a mutual template

The graphical visualisation of data flow and business automation enables Business and IT to work together. A template provided by Chills show all data flows & process automations reflecting your business processes. This graphical representation makes sense for the business and structures the discussion with IT.

Low code functionality: Intellectual Property & Environments

Low code Intellectual Property protected by Chills

Intellectual Property

Standardised low code functionality means; every type of data processing or automation created in low code on the Chills backend. The creation of unique low code functionality is treated as Intellectual Property. This means it is exclusive and the maker decides if, and on which environment it will be shared.

The choice of environments, where the creator of low code Intellectual Property

manages the access, is explained below

Low code environments

Personal low code

Low code Actions & Adapters only available for reuse on your personal tenant.

Multi-tenant library

All tenants connected to the master tenant can publish and re-use the available low code functionality. This reduces the development cost even further while the hard code in this low code functionality is still accessible when used in other tenants.


Low code functionality is shared on the marketplace comparable with the Apple App store or Google Play. You download low code functionality from the marketplace onto your tenant and use it unlimited in your own data flows and process automations.


Every Chills tenants has access to the Marketplace.

Low code education

To deliver a jump start for customers we deliver the education material divided in a simple three level concept: Backend design – Adapter management – Data Flow creation. Developers use this material to quickly solve problems when creating Actions, Adapters or Datasources.

Hard coding divided in 3 low code layers

Customer Innovation loop

Innovation speed on the Chills backend

We call Chills the Tesla under the backends ” referring to our innovative approach implementing new technology and low code tools demanded by customers. Tesla implements customer improvements in a continuous innovation loop. Chills operates in the same way, no lengthy process with releases, but an immediate release after vigorous testing. Documentation lagging behind is a consequence we accept. Speed for customers and a happy day at work for developers is what we prioritise.

Low/No code provider examples

Discuss the consequences a low code solution has for your organisation. Manage the impact by drafting a plan and create the right circumstances for a successful implementation. Future blogs will address these implementation challenges.

Low code development areas and providers

Introduction video’s

Bubble - No code platform Used for App(lication) development

Chills - Graphically Managed Backend "Data management without storing it"


Integrations and reliable data flows are the basis for information creating insights about market developments and product / service delivery. The Chills backend supports customers in a gradual and controlled transformation to an agile organisation.

Fredrik The Frisian CEO & Bård Øvrebø CTO


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