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Control integrations and automations in a safe & secure environment.

Ever present threats of cyber-attacks and changing government regulations demands a safe and secure environment to control your integrations and automations. Digital transformation is a must, demanding reliable solutions for both decision-makers and IT executors. Data is the most valuable asset in this upcoming digital age making its management and solutions a key for your success. Working towards digital transformation requires thought-through steps combined with solutions creating an overview of all on-going data processing. The Chills solution delivers easy data management in a safe environment enabling visual control of all integrations & automations.

Security measures and partners

Who delivers the security?

Chills uses hosting providers like Azure, AWS and Digital Ocean who operate with the highest security standards. This prevents cyber-attacks like DDOS and hacking.

We work with Cyber security partners and Chills uses encryption when transferring data. Your solution has backups on other servers, providers and physical locations.

Is my data stored at Chills databases?

No. Chills only processes your data and delivers it to databases you define. There is no temporarily nor permanent storage of your data at Chills servers.

Safe ownership and control

Who owns the Intellectual Property?

Data is your most valuable asset, but the data processing creates value for your organisation. Every customer will compete in the digital future on their ability to manage data and value created from data. A solution enabling this and guaranteeing your IP ownership is essential.

How can I be more in control?

Chills shows all integrations and automation in a graphical interface. All tasks programmers perform are visualised in both quality and quantity. The Chills solution gives less skilled developers an opportunity to work with low code technology. This increases your pool of resources working with integrations & automations.

Switching efforts and cost

How about the transformation to low code technology?

Many customers have invested in complex hard coding to process data. Chills is built on low code technology meaning you still have access to hard coding. Customers gradually copy and paste their hard coding into the low code Chills solution.

Can low code integrations/automations be changed easily?

Yes. Low code enables data flow changes in a simple and effective way. An existing data flow can be copied, changed and tested in the Chills solution. The original data flow continues to be operational and is replaced with the updated version with one click.

Is the investment high?

Testing Chills is free for two weeks. The subscription fee increases incremental and is based on thresholds. Documentation & tutorials are included and available on-line.

The unique proposition

How can Chills deliver these benefits better than competitors?

Due to low code technology. Low code technology is the automation of hard coding. Predefined blocks of coding, so called steps, are connected creating data flows and deliver desired outputs. The integrations & automations are visualised graphically. You literally follow the flow of data, step by step. In addition are all your data flows organised in a library you design.

Additional benefits of a low code backend

Easy access to legacy data

Accessing legacy data is often cumbersome and expensive. Chills creates easy API access to legacy systems and converts this data to any format you need based on your flow settings. You buy time to think through a digital transformation, making decisions based on a thorough assessment of providers and their technology.

The much-needed Business IT collaboration

Due to the graphical representation, the business sees and understands what IT is creating. This enables the dialogue between business and IT about integrations & automations.

Reuse of low code data flows using a marketplace

All low code created can be reused in other data flows. Also, complete data flows are copied and used for other purposes. This speeds-up the establishment and development of your entire data management.

Connection with other Chills tenants and users

Chills enables users from independent Chills solutions to connect. When trust is established, they invite each other into their Chills solution, working together, educating new developers, and sharing low code work. The inviting party defines the access rights for the invited party.

Unlock the benefits Chills delivers to your organisation.

Fredrik De Vries - CEO

Bård Øvrebø - CTO Dynamic Integrations


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