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The unexpected start-up path to low code technology


The Chills journey forward regarding backend and ecosystem development are covered in these blogs.


We, Dynamic Integrations, started in 2016 with a service management application combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and plans for a reseller network. Back then there was no interest in neither the application combined with AI, nor becoming a reseller.

We were forced to abandon the normal start-up path and focused on developing technology. We became an Innovation-Driven Enterprise (IDE) as described by MIT Sloan. Spending the next four years developing our technology and testing applications in the market, i.e. 4 years education “How to start your own company”.

In four years, we launched three applications unsuccessfully, but we learned a lot. The technology gradually increased into the current low code technology. Parallel did we understand the importance of customer needs combined with urgency (pain). The Chills backend we deliver today is built on this low code technology solving customer needs.

From start-up to low code developer

Ecosystem Business Model

Our business model went from a reseller model to a partner model and finally landed at an ecosystem model. Ecosystems is a broad theme but in our case all partners, and customers collaborate in various constellations, developing the Chills backend and delivering related services necessary to enable digitalisation. Listen the 2020 Oslo Innovation Week – Ecosystems webinar.


New technologies like Virtual Technology and Artificial Intelligence will be integrated in the Chills backend, creating more exiting functionality for the users. Watch this CBS News documentary “Global Thought Leaders” featuring Dynamic Integrations to see how we envision the digital future.

October 2020

Fredrik The Frisian & Bård Øvrebø CTO


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