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Home deliveries without the purchaser being @ home

The 2020 Corona virus crisis has increased the digitalisation of consumers shopping behaviour. Yet, the actual delivery problems has still not been solved. Consumers are a part of the delivery process, requiring them to be home at certain timeslots. Package delivery during time slots isn't adding to the consumers purchase experience. Return of a package is equally burdensome. Boxn takes over the consumers burden as the receiving end of the delivery process.

Boxn: an innovative & intelligent pick-up and drop-off spot @ home

The Boxn concept simplifies home deliveries. The increase of online purchases and returns demands the physical reception of packages at any moment without the purchaser’s availability. The solution is an intelligent stand-alone box acting as “butler” receiving and dispatching packages.

Ineffective home deliveries


Boxn automatic package reception

This physical box is placed at the consumers premises or as a Multiboxn in an apartment block. The dimensions fit international package standards and

it contains an insulated top for food deliveries. The Boxn’s power supply is either by solar power or connected to the main electricity net. The built in IoT device connects Boxn to devices, applications and websites. Receiving and sending information about pin codes, opening, closing & temperatures.

Information flow challenges

Creating an information flow between all devices, applications and websites confronted Boxn with two major challenges:

1. Connecting Boxn to user and courier devices, central monitoring, a server sharing pin codes and Boxn status information reception

2. Integrate Boxn with package distributor platforms and payment solutions

The Chills low code Backend

The Chills backend solves these challenges in a cost-efficient way. All integrations between IoT, devices, websites and applications are made on the Chills backend. These integrations are grouped in three different flows matching the business approach and strengthening the Business IT collaboration.

When Boxn includes other payments systems, integrations are reused and only the connection (API access credentials) must be changed. This low-cost expansion removes IT as a headache for Boxn’s international expansion. Additional functionality to enable monitoring and data warehouse building is added with “a snap of the finger”.

Boxn – new delivery ecosystem

Boxn is disrupting the Business – Consumer delivery chain in two ways.

1. It removes distribution timeslots and de-centralises the PUDO (Pick Up – Drop Off) point for packages home at the consumer.

2. The Boxn distribution chain integrates with other systems like marketplaces and payment solutions, making the goods delivery problem free for transporters and private households.

Espen Boger CEO Boxn

“Chills enables data flow between all existing logistical applications, payments systems, devices & Boxn. This backend reduces out of pocket integration costs with 40% to 50% and makes Boxn easy to scale internationally”

Chills as Boxn’s data flow enabler

Chills enables data flow from and to Boxn. A courier receives, prior to delivery, a unique pin code to open the right customer Boxn. When is the delivery is made and Boxn is closed again, a message is automatically sent to the consumers choice of device. The web shop receives a message that the delivery is made. The consumer has all information about deliveries, payments and returns available in a user interface. Package returns can be managed from this user interface and placed into Boxn. Boxn delivers a seamless flow of both physical goods and information in one solution available for any household or business.

Boxn information flow enabled by Chills

Arthur Kimmels, hardware engineer at Boxn

"With Chills all integrations are visible in one backend. Adjustments are built, tested and released with “a snap of the finger. External programmers obtain access to the backend in an easy and safe way and build new integrations on demand".

Boxn expansion supported by Chills

The Boxn concept has many potential user options and expansion across the Norwegian borders is negotiated with partners abroad. Chills flexibility supports this expansion with multiple Chills tenants to connect with new market specific applications. Chills is cloud based and accessible for various administrators with knowledge about country specific applications.

About Boxn

A Norwegian firm disrupting the “last mile home delivery” by building an ecosystem where partners participate creating a pain free home delivery of goods.

About Chills

A Backend as a Service creating data flow between devices and applications while reducing integrations costs with 30% to 60%.

Fredrik The Frisian CEO & Bård Øvrebø CTO

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